Why we need a light bar?

Working from home hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. Constant on the upgrading and maintaining websites where i would stay up tirelessly. I would have to sit on my computer for hours while my back and posture progressively worsens, it’s one of the problems I’m trying to fix by working out and just being a lot more active in my routine. Now that I have a laptop stand, it has help reduce my neck pain too. 

Another problem I feel that is not being addressed is the amount of eye strain I get from looking at a computer screen. As a web developer, my eyes are heavily focused on the task at hand, fixated on a single code trying to figure what the heck is wrong with it. I would end up the next day with sore eyes, mild headache, and all other sorts.  I would counter-act this by placing a desk lamp next to my monitor, so I can at least get some sufficient lighting. I thought it worked, but after an hour or so I felt my eyes tearing again and the headaches started to come back. I tried different putting the desk lamp in different places, but to no avail, the eye soreness came back after a while. I discovered, after a while that the angle of light the desk lamp was producing wasn’t right, it would be mostly designed for illuminating the desk for “paper work” and not the monitor screen.

That’s when I decided to try out a monitor lightbar, and I can say for sure it has been helpful in combating the eye strain from inadequate lighting. The placement for the monitor lightbar sits perfectly right on top of my monitor - saving a lot of space on my desk and most importantly, the lightbar provides just the perfect amount of light that would allow me work for hours on end without eye strains and headaches. It’s not too bright, and it’s not too dim either. I can easily switch between 3 color temperatures with a touch on the sensor, and it changes seamlessly. Ever since I’ve started using this monitor lightbar, I almost never experience any form of eye strain or headaches anymore.

The lightbar has three color temperatures, 2900k/4200k/6500k. In laymen terms, 2900k is a warm light and produces yellow-orangey light. 4200k is a cooler light and produces whitish light. 6500k is an even cooler light, producing a mixture of blue and white lights. What’s moreinteresting, is that I dug a little deeper, and there is strong evidence that show that these different ranges of color temperatures can have varying positive effects on our lives. You can read about it here

For example, color temperatures ranging form 2000k to 3000k has shown to ‘encourage creativity and conversation’ and act as a signal for the brain that it’s time to sleep, and thus improving sleep quality.

3500k to 4100k color temperatures have shown to promote ‘focus/ concentration’ and with the number of miniscule details that my work requires me to focus on, I feel that this is a god-send.

Finally, evidence show that lighting temperatures ranging from 5600k to 6500k help us ‘give the impression of freshness’, ‘make people feel more alert’ and thus ‘increasing productivity and work performance’.

All in all, I think this Monitor Light bar has been a useful tool in helping my solving my eye strain and headache problems, better yet, it seems that there is strong evidence to show that certain color temperatures that can boost my work productivity, mental health and social ability.