Do we need a laptop stand?

I spent at least 8 hours daily in front of my laptop as it's part of my web developer role. I usually spent couple of hundreds on neck and shoulder massage twice every 6 weeks because of my posture and hours spent due to work. Using a laptop stand has helped me saved money and boost my productivity in the last month.

These are the reasons why all laptop users should consider getting a laptop stand.

It's adjustable to 6 different angles so that it could suits your height of view.

Laptop stands elevate your computer to better meet your eye line, meaning you don’t need to have your neck looking downwards towards your laptop screen. Try to start paying attention to your neck when you’re using your laptop next time. I’ll bet you’ve been quietly and slowly straining your neck without you even realizing it. Laptop stands encourage proper posture, which is important in keeping us in looking confident, boost productivity and also feeling better about ourselves.

Help cool down your laptop and improves your laptop performance.

Overheating laptop can slow down and struggle to perform basic tasks as the processors will run less efficiently. The battery will drain faster as the processor tries to perform all the queued jobs.  Using the laptop stand can help improve the airflow and keep your laptop well ventilated.

Lightweight and portable.

Our laptop stand is compact and portable so that you can work ergonomically wherever you go. It can gives you the flexibility to work anywhere you want with good posture.

Reduce clutter around your workspace.

Allowing you to be more organised with less clutter on your desk. Keep your desk neat and tidy.

To sum up what have been stated above, the laptop stand is not limited to laptop but it can be suited for tablets and magazines/books.  

Our laptop stand comes in black and silver. Purchase two and get free shipping today.